As surfers we constantly expose ourselves to nature, we inherit a respect and appreciation for the earth that few will ever experience.  We see the detrimental impact man's hand can have on our environment and because of this knowledge we feel it is our responsibility to minimise, preserve and revert the negative impact on our earth wherever we can.

Our mission is to use our products to implement change and create solutions to fix the misuse of our ecosystems.  We produce high quality products, which are environmentally responsible and are made from natural or recycled materials to cause the least impact.

We use profits from our products for self-funded and partnered projects, to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability, conservation and the protection of our environment.

We know this is a huge and somewhat overwhelming task and is why we work alongside a bunch of fantastic volunteers, groups, charities and organisations tackling one project at a time and always challenging the status quo to find a better way.