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Why Made to Order?

A sustainable brand is a bit of an oxymoron. True sustainability is to not make something new in the first place, and is something that’s always made us a little uncomfortable, particularly mass-producing wetsuits.  Despite our best efforts to minimise our impact by using natural and/or recycled materials, we were still knowingly contributing to carbon emissions whilst being regarded as a sustainable brand and knew we had to be doing more.

The reason we are now making made-to-order suits is to reduce our emission footprint by not needlessly making wetsuits. If you absolutely need a new wetsuit,  it will be made-to-order specifically for you, by hand, to your specification, from environmentally responsible materials and to the highest quality.

Our boutique factory specialises in making extremely high-end custom and team rider suits for some of the best in the world, so you can be assured it will be of the highest quality and last you many seasons.

Being made-to-order allows us to provide ultimate flexibility of choice, so that you can have the exact wetsuit you want, with next to no emission production until the wetsuit is made.

Your made-to-order wetsuit should reach you in 3~5 weeks* world-wide from the date of order, it will come with your name on it and we'll send you updates along the way so you can see how your new suit is progressing as it's being made.

*Excluding countries customs delays or other events outside our control.


Carbon Negative

We all know that carbon dioxide emissions are the primary driver of climate change, particularly commercial production, and is every businesses responsibility to ensure they’re taking measures to lower their carbon footprint.

To produce our Hevea wetsuit it will emit just under 4kg's of Co2.  Although this is substantially lower than regular wetsuits which emit around 11kg's of Co2, it is something we are always striving to reduce and is the sole reason why our suits are made-to-order; so that carbon is not produced just so a suit can sit on sale rack somewhere.

To ensure our own footprint is carbon negative we buy carbon off-set credits through Greenfleet who establish various initiatives such as native forest restoration and regenerative sea grass programs.  Our contribution to them is in addition to your selection of charity at checkout. We do this every time we make you a wetsuit, and also offset 10 other brands wetsuit emissions to undo some of their dirty work too :)