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Hevea is derived from the name Hevea Brasiliensis, commonly known as the rubber tree.  The milky latexproduced by the tree's specialised secretory system, is the raw material for our natural rubber. The latex is a renewable resource that can be sustainably tapped without harming the tree, it is this latex that we use as the basis for making our wetsuits.

Our Hevea rubber is the result of years of extensive research and development and testing, but we feel the end result has been all worth the effort. Being able to showcase a material that can not only match leading performance neoprene but exceed it in nearly every way.  Our Hevea rubber has been designed to work in conjunction with our selected recycled performance fabrics which will ensure a durable, lightweight wetsuit with superior stretch and warmth that will thrive in the coldest of conditions.

Hevea rubber's natural ability to refuse water absorption and exceptional stretch properties has made the performance of the material unparalleled. Our findings when testing the performance of our Hevea rubber against current market leading Neoprene was up to a 30% reduction in material blowout (keeps its shape), 20% increase in warmth and 15% improvement in stretch. 

The production of Hevea rubber in its raw state is the only truly sustainable approach to wetsuit production as a renewable material.  We feel this premium quality material is a game changer in the wetsuit manufacturing world that will prove that choosing a environmentally responsible product doesn't come at a cost of performance.